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Canada Goose isn’t like anything else: A Unique Employee story

By Press Club


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Credits: Canada Goose

In the world of performance luxury brands, Canada Goose stands out for its commitment to quality and an inspiring story of resilience and innovation. The brand's strength is amplified by its dedicated employees, including Amber Haughton, a passionate Brand Ambassador at the Dublin store location in Ireland.

Amber embarked on her journey with Canada Goose in 2020, starting with the brand's pop-up in Dublin and continuing her role into the establishment of the permanent flagship store on Grafton Street. This vibrant and luxurious shopping district has become the perfect backdrop for Amber to share the unique 'Canadian Warmth' experience with guests, embodying the 'Live in the Open' ethos that Canada Goose promotes.

For Amber, the allure of Canada Goose is in its story, from its quality products and rich history to the way it's told. She finds joy in sharing this narrative with customers, enhancing their shopping experience and connection to the brand. Her favorite part of the job? Engaging with guests, understanding their needs, and guiding them to products that enhance their outdoor experiences.

Her most memorable moment was the opening of the new Dublin store, an experience that not only bolstered her confidence but also strengthened her relationship with her team. “It was amazing to see the permanent location come to life, support the opening, and meet all of my new coworkers”. Amber's journey at Canada Goose has been one of personal and professional growth, fueled by a supportive environment that encourages curiosity and continuous learning.

At Canada Goose, Amber's story is a testament to the brand's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a culture where employees are encouraged to thrive and 'Live in the Open.' Her enthusiasm for the brand and her role is evident, making her a vital part of the Canada Goose story.

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