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Caprice SS25: Minimalistic lightness meets modern serenity

By Press Club


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SS25 Credits: Caprice

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection from CAPRICE embodies minimalism, simplicity, and serenity. A combination of bold upper designs, gentle colors, and premium materials that convey sportiness, lightness, and femininity. The collection reflects the trend towards calm and reserve, emphasizing a symbiosis of natural beauty, supreme comfort, and stylish modernity.

Credits: Caprice

The designs: Stylish balance

The new designs captivate with their refined and clean style. This is evident, among other things, in the soles, which predominantly feature light and natural tones, subtly or selectively accented with subtle colored touch. Additionally, the soles are becoming finer, providing more lightness. The surfaces appear calm and harmonious. A particular highlight is the various geometric perforations that deliver fresh impulses.

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection continues to offer a wide variety of sneakers and sporty lace-up shoes. Stylish and detailed combinations give the new shoe styles a casual yet very feminine look. Removable and washable footbeds ensure perfect wearing comfort.

The loafers feature classic models in new fashionable colors. Often, it is the small, thoughtful details that give the shoe a sporty or elegant twist. The timeless moccasin cut is making a comeback, with an almost nostalgic note in different materials and colors.

Whether simple, with a smart bow, exciting perforations, or in the trendy babydoll look with fine straps, the ballerinas present themselves with new charm. Cool jeans or metallic/patent leather combinations are essential to make the classic look more exciting.

In the elegant segment, the collection impresses with flat sandals to high and extravagant pumps. Slings are also a strong focus and an indispensable must-have in both flat and heeled shoes. The expanded mule line makes a strong appearance as the perfect mix of style and comfort.

SS25 Credits: Caprice

The Materials: Fine leather and reduced accessories

High-quality leather continues to dominate in Spring/ Summer 2025. The focus is on fine nappa leather and soft, luxurious suede. Metallic leather adds shimmering moments and is cleverly combined with other materials such as nappa or mesh. Smooth deer leather excels with its special expressiveness.

In accessories, CAPRICE embraces minimalist design, punctuated only occasionally by colorful inserts, textured chain elements, or buckles-either made of metal or covered in leather to match tones. In sneakers, zippers and elaborate material mixes also introduce stylish contrasts.

The colors: Subtle and radiant

Minimalist lightness is also reflected in the color scheme of the new collection. Neutral, subtle shades in white, off-white, champagne, beige, and olive create the perfect blend. The calm blue tones range from delicate light blue to a deep ocean shade, appearing both intense and soothing. Gentle pastel shades like pink and lilac continue the harmonious appeal of the collection.

A touch of extravagance is added with vibrant orange, bright pink, and vivid turquoise. Metallic tones such as gold, silver, and platinum enrich the diverse color palette for summer 2025.

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