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Elaine Constantine brings art, joy and fashion to Longchamp

By Press Club


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Credits: Longchamp

The Longchamp SS24 campaign is brimming with energy! This season, the joyful antics of the students at Longchamp University are captured by the renowned photographer and director Elaine Constantine.

“I totally fell in love with her light-filled photographs, which she envisions like paintings,” explains Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine. “She is quite brilliant at conveying energy and joie de vivre. I really wanted an upbeat campaign, because it’s important to accentuate the positive, and Elaine excels in the art of creating images that are full of happiness and optimism.” Since the 1990s, Elaine Constantine has conjured positive energy through her lens, working extensively for UK magazine The Face, as well as Italian, French and American Vogue. Her images have been displayed at The Photographers’ Gallery in London and the Victoria and Albert Museum, while the National Portrait Gallery has two of her portraits in its permanent collection.

Credits: Longchamp

In 2023, the Museum of Impressionisms in Giverny showed two of Elaine’s works alongside the Impressionist masters as part of an exhibition entitled “Children of Impressionism”. It was her extremely artistic quality that attracted Sophie Delafontaine. “Elaine’s images capture the energy of bursts of laughter,” says Longchamp’s Creative Director. “Everything she does is dynamic, and she gives her models the freedom to be totally natural, totally themselves. When she’s shooting, she’s constantly moving around the group of girls who are also moving. It’s quite magical how she manages to bring vitality into a photograph, and of course it’s even more obvious on film. Elaine really is a master of her art.”

Credits: Longchamp

The campaign was shot at the prestigious Lycée Henri IV in Paris, while the music is “Alright” by Supergrass, a track as full of energy as the SS24 collection. It depicts a group of high-spirited students, all very different, but all dressed in the colorful, upbeat style that typifies Longchamp. They go around in a gang, laughing and joking, with an irrepressibly optimistic outlook. Who wants to join in?

In Asia, Kim Se-Jeong, Longchamp’s sparkling ambassador, features in the campaign.

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