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Escada introduces the new Fall/Winter 2022 campaign

By Press Club


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Image: Escada

It is always desirable to combine the design inspiration and aesthetics of the ESCADA collections with the choice of location. We found the perfect harmony to combine the campaign location in terms of scene and setting with the ESCADA FALL/WINTER collections.

The Fall/Winter collections are about the versatile and exciting identities of women compared to gems. Throughout the centuries, women and gems have been a perfect match in every aspect.

Image: Escada

The „Villa-K“ by French design studio Studio KO represents luxury, relaxation and a piece of design. It is a true architectural gem. The ideal setting for the upcoming fall season overlooking the Atlas Mountains, dipped in snow, yet wrapped in warm and soft tones. From a stunning deep red floral print to a wild animal statement and a sparkling moonlight ambiance, the collections represent the different aspects of a modern and confident woman.

This is also the reason why top model Zuzanna Bijoch is the only choice for the face of ESCADA in 2022. Zuzanna represents a strong, confident woman with all facets of life. The campaign layout uses the collage technique and the fusion of Zuzanna‘s strong facial features, the unique landscapes paired with the ESCADA collection. The outcome invites you to dream and puts the woman wearing ESCADA in a unique and glamorous mood, just like gemstones do. Escape to the most beautiful and wildest places in the world with ESCADA and enjoy your life to the fullest. Surrealistic on one hand, yet tangible and achievable. ESCADA takes you to the next level.

Image: Escada

„Women are like jewels for ESCADA“.

Dreams, passion, excitement, sensuality - all keywords related to the new ESCADA FALL/WINTER 2022 collections and campaign. Perfectly paired with the location and mood of „Villa K“ and the surreal landscapes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Feel invited to dream with us....

About Escada

Founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, the ESCADA brand is rooted in a confident and elegant vision of femininity, underscored by refined quality and workmanship. Over its 40-year history, its renowned love of bold colour, print and detail have attracted a devoted global following and now, these codes are given a distinctly contemporary twist.

Image: Escada
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