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Everything you need to know about: Durea

By Press Club

May 23, 2022


Picture: Durea, official Facebook page of the brand

Durea shoes was founded in 1913 with the motto “A fitting shoe for everyone”. The brand, which is part of the Dutch family business Van Drunen Schoenfabriek, develops custom-made shoes for all. Craftsmen create a unique last that is adapted to the length and width of the foot, and the fit and model. Beautiful and fun shoes that also have the perfect fit.


Gijsbertus van Drunen of shoe factory Van Drunen was the founder of the family business. He later passed on all his knowledge about feet, shoes, lasts, the passion for the shoe trade and the love for feet to his son. Durea shoes are manufactured by real professionals in the shoe business. The Van Drunen family manages the whole production process for the shoes, from design to manufacturing.


In 2018, the Van Drunen family announced that they were changing the name of the company from Durea to Van Drunen Schoenfabriek and general manager Peter Van Drunen said goodbye to the brand. Van Drunen Schoenfabriek also launched its own third label, the ladies' shoe label Lerora. The name comes from the names of the daughters of the current generation of Van Drunen's: Anne-Lene, Roos and Mira. On the 165th birthday of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, Van Drunen Schoenfabriek came up with the Van Gogh sunflower shoe, designed in collaboration with designer Tomas Snels.

For its shoe designs, Durea combines beautiful colours with fine materials. In 2011, the family business won the Gouden Koe (Golden Cow), a prize that puts a Dutch person or company in the spotlight every year for their contribution to the shoe and leather industry.


Durea's varied collection of shoes can be bought online and at more than 200 sales points in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Van Drunen Schoenfabriek has three of its own labels: Durea, Lerora and GIJS.

Picture: Durea, official website of the brand
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