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ID.EIGHT Partners up With Must Had and Esosport for Recycling Initiative

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Credits: ID.EIGHT

Not only is there an environmental impact associated with the production stages, but also the waste generated at the end of a product's lifecycle. To reduce waste accumulation and transform it from waste to a resource, ID.EIGHT has partnered with two Italian organizations that support sustainable businesses in circular economy solutions: Must Had and Esosport.

Through this alliance, the brand can offer their customers the opportunity to dispose of old and no longer usable sneakers in a recycling facility that extends their possibilities for reuse.

How Does the Recycling Work?

ESO RECYCLING has patented an industrial process for recycling sports waste. The facility located in their headquarters in Tolentino is capable of recovering 87% of the materials that make up a pair of sneakers, with the future goal of reaching 95%. Specifically, rubber granules for constructing athletic track surfaces and playgrounds are obtained from sole crushing, while the upper parts are used to produce sound-absorbing or thermal-insulating panels.

Credits: ID.EIGHT

To track the sneakers that will be recycled, ID.EIGHT has relied on Must Had, the platform that gives textile waste a second life and helps companies identify the best circular solutions. Each year, they will compile our impact report, which provides an overview of the overall environmental impacts of the initiative.

Recycling Made Easy

To recycle your old ID.EIGHT sneakers, you have two options: free pickup of the shoes, which will be placed in the brand's warehouse's Esobox, or the possibility to drop them off at one of the collection points provided by Esosport in your area.

Credits: ID.EIGHT
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