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Karine Augis x CharlyHo unveil their "Writing's on the wall" collection

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Karine Augis x CharlyHo Credits: Karine Augis

The Art Deco-influenced tote bags, with their clean lines and geometric patterns, find surprising common ground with the world of CharlyHO. Somewhere between the worlds of street art and figurative art, Charly was able to infuse Karine's collection with a vitality and spontaneity that broke with the rigid codes of Art Deco.

The fusion of these two worlds has given rise to a new, unexpected aesthetic that attracts attention and arouses curiosity. The contrasts between the structured elegance of Art Deco and the raw energy of Street Art and Figurative Art create a captivating visual tension.

Karine Augis x CharlyHo Credits: Karine Augis

Through fabrics, textures, colours and patterns, these artists have succeeded in weaving a story of fusion and mutual understanding. Behind this collaboration, Karine and Charly did not limit themselves to creating unique pieces. They have expressed their conviction that art can unite people despite cultural differences. They like to think that we are all linked by our desire to create, share and exchange.

Karine Augis x CharlyHo Credits: Karine Augis

An inspiring collection

Each creation resulting from this collaboration is unique. Each piece tells a story, inviting fashion enthusiasts to plunge into a world where art and functionality meet. For this collection, called "Writing's on the wall", a nod from the artist to the world of Street Art that he particularly loves, each bag becomes a walking canvas, carrying the emotions of CharlyHO's paintings.

The harmony between the two disciplines is evident in every product in the collection, reminding us that creativity is nourished by the meeting of diverse influences and that artistic expression can emerge where we least expect it, creating astonishing and inspiring visual experiences!

The WRITING'S ON THE WALL collection exclusively from 2 October: Flying Solo Store Paris 43 rue Etienne Marcel - 75002 Paris

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