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OLYMP Collection Report, Spring 2025: Summer Vibes – A Fashion Affair with Nature

By Press Club


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OLYMP SS25. Credits: OLYMP

The “Summer Vibes – A Fashion Affair with Nature” collection at OLYMP embodies a harmonious fusion of natural elegance and modern lifestyle. Its mood is characterised by a feeling of lightness and freshness that captures summer’s essence and translates it into stylish fashion. The collection emphasises our commitment to greater sustainability through the use of more environmentally friendly materials and production methods. These aspects are emphasised to highlight the connection to nature and awareness of our planet.

Design story

This collection is a tribute to the beauty of our natural world and embodies our ambition of incorporating its style-defining influences into individual styles. We create both emotional and commercial moments with individual collection content.

OLYMP SS25. Credits: OLYMP


Nature references are clearly recognisable in the large and small floral motifs. Inspiration from the world of plants and the earth’s surface can also be detected in the somewhat more abstract prints. Floral designs play a key role here: multicoloured and modern monochrome leaf paisleys, large and powerful floral prints, through to small blossoms as rotary prints cover the entire spectrum. A particular highlight are prints that are reminiscent of microscopic images of floral structures.


Colour mood

  • New Nature: inspired by the unspoilt beauty of nature. Soft green tones such as sage and olive, combined with earthy brown tones.
  • Follow the Sun: sunny yellow, in the context of the multi-faceted blue tones of a summery sky, brings the warmth and energy of the sun into the collection.
  • Elements: deep blue tones such as navy and sky blue meet earthy tones through to intense red.
  • Celebration: vibrant colours such as fresh light blue, festive rosé and elegant beige/brown bring a festive mood to the collection.

OLYMP SS25. Credits: OLYMP

Key topics

  • Functional materials
  • Texture and faux plain fabric
  • Minimal logo prints
  • Ribbon details, contrast buttons and accessorised shirts

Iconic product

Floral key print with matching tie in shades of blue and fresh natural shades.

Key commercial stories

  • Dress for yes

    The theme includes numerous festive shirts and accessories for the wedding season. We’re expanding the colour palette for plain items, which we already launched with great success in spring 2024. Classic rosé replaces mauve as the accent colour. A multicolour print and tonal prints, which can be found in the Modern Fit and Body Fit styles, reinforce the story as a shirt with matching accessories.

  • Men’s club

    We emphasise our expertise in the classic segment under both Modern Fit and Body Fit. Rich, high-quality textures in classic blue and navy, royal blue, white and rosé. The understated yet high-quality finish reinforces the sophisticated look.

OLYMP SS25. Credits: OLYMP

  • Business innovation

    Natural Stretch: the easy-iron, breathable business shirt in 100% cotton poplin with natural stretch for high wearing comfort gets an upgrade: natural stretch, also known as mechanical stretch, is the result of a special weaving technique in which the threads are interlaced under tension, giving the fabric a unique elasticity – completely without elastane.

    Athletic Shirt: the ultra/light, anti-static shirt with a cotton touch, cooling effect and UV protection has a cooling effect on the skin and dries quickly for maximum performance.

  • My first OLYMP shirt – dress to impress

    With their first OLYMP shirt, we want our youngest target group to be perfectly fitted out for very special occasions: from confirmation and communion to their prom night, their first job interview and the commencement of their professional lives. The shirts have special cuff details in the collar and on the sleeves.

  • Smart business

    We’ve further developed our plain cotton/linen garments in the form of a texture. The perfect Smart Business shirt is stylishly complemented by fashionable stripes and prints.


Colour mood

  • New nature: inspired by the beauty of unspoilt nature. Soft green tones such as sage and olive, combined with earthy brown tones.
  • Elements: deep blue tones such as navy and sky blue meet earthy tones through to intense red.

OLYMP SS25. Credits: OLYMP

Key topics

  • Lyocell blends, 100% linen, shirts in linen blends
  • Polo extended: light jerseys and knitwear
  • Summer styles: resort shirts, T-shirts, half-sleeve knits, summery overshirts
  • Garment dye styles: shirts, T-shirts and polo shirts

Iconic product

  • A casual shirt featuring a watercolour print on 100% linen, inspired by natural floral patterns for warm summer days.
  • A cool, lightweight and knitted polo shirt with birdseye jacquard and full-length button placket to upgrade your wardrobe for both smart and casual occasions.

OLYMP SS25. Credits: OLYMP

Key commercial stories

  • Summer essentials

    Linen: our linen expertise also comes into its own in the casual segment – as a style statement in fashionable stripes and exciting prints on shirts. The summery, lightweight yet stylish material is also available as a T-shirt and polo shirt.

    Polo shirts: this includes a large selection of different polo shirts to complement any wardrobe. Options include items with stripes, all-over prints, garment dye, stand-up collars and many more.

    The New Active Dry Polo: our new OLYMP Active Dry polo shirt featuring special COOLMAX® fibre is breathable and moisture-regulating , providing a pleasantly cooling wear effect.

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