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PAL Sporting Goods: Spring Summer 2023

By Press Club


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Image: PAL Sporting Goods

Our spring summer campaign is a collection of stories that show the different side of the Nomad and his background. The inspiration for this collection came from seeing the old logo of marathon des sables.

The horse riding theme is the first theme we introduce. We have shot this along side the Sahara sand but it will soon be released in an exciting twist. This theme comes from Lola's side of the family. At the same time the sport is quite underrated sometimes and it is very hard physically. It's why we joined the two themes in the spring summer campaign.

Image: PAL Sporting Goods

Imagine a uninhabited desert, on foot, alone, you won't come across a single village, oasis or watering place. It's said to be the hardest and toughest race by foot out there. PAL invested deeply into this 350km of pure challenge. As we have and claim to have the toughest and heaviest fabric it was quite a good match in inspiration. Where we also believe that if you succeed this race, no matter what time, days or weeks you have done this in. In our mind there is no difference in champs or chumps.

PAL Sporting Goods

We've taken aspects of the running part and implemented this in our graphics with a hint to the sky running series. In this collection we re also introducing our four way stretch fabric in our overhead and shorts. Inspired by the running sport. These are new products we introduce for the first time. Proud to say these are our first footsteps out of our signature varsity/jersey products. Expect more to come!

Playing with the unisex colours and inspiring variaties on accessoires we also wanted to show an owe to the inhabited culture.

PAL Sporting Goods