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SEA’SONS extends their color changing hoodie collection – adding two new colors

By Press Club

Sep 22, 2021


Dutch fashion brand SEA’SONS is expanding their mark in the fashion industry. Where other brand mostly use existing materials SEA’SONS develops their own. With development, testing, and trying they were able to launch the world’s first color changing hoodie just one month ago. Now, they’re already adding two new colors to the line up!

DThrough self-developed materials that change color by temperature, owner Tom van Dieren (23) debuted his brand in 2018 with color changing swim wear. Adding color changing bikini’s, t-shirts, and facemask to the lineup in the following years. When the Dutch brand launched their unisex hoodie collection in 2 colors just one month ago, more colors were already in development. By continuously keeping the development team working on new colors and materials SEA’SONS hopes to launch more new items in the near future.

Where sceneries like the sky are an ever-changing view and water an always moving element, fashion is still a stagnant item. With moving sceneries in mind, the new colors added to the SEA’SONS heat sensitive hoodie collection were developed.

Blue – Mint

Incredible places on our planet earth are everywhere to be found. One of these places that inspired SEA’SONS’ Blue Mint colorways are images of the famous Icelandic ice caves. Unfortunately, more and more ice caves are no longer existing but the scenery and beauty will remain. Our blue mint combination will change all day long between blue (cold) and mint (warm).

Orange – Yellow

On our globe we’re impeccably related to the Sun and can’t go without the biggest star in our universe. SEA’SONS chose its color combination Orange Yellow by recreating the ever revolving and moving Sun. With a continuously changing color on the heat sensitive hoodies this color way will be different in all kinds of situations. Yellow is warm and orange is cold.

By added features like colors that change throughout the day SEA’SONS wants to add value to their items. More or less a hoodie is just a hoodie, sometimes with a logo or an image but mostly just fabric. By adding extra features within the fabrics SEA’SONS hopes to leave a smile on their customers face. In the future SEA’SONS aims to take a bigger leap into the fashion industry, but wants to keep upcoming items a secret.

The world’s first color changing hoodie collection, with now 4 … 8 colors, is available worldwide on the website.

Read more about SEA’SONS on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/sea-sons