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The Jil Sander+ Fall / Winter 2021 campaign

By Press Club

Jul 13, 2021


July 2021- Zermatt, Swiss Alps. A world, a landscape, a life Lucie and Luke Meier know well. They grew up exploring these mountains; hiking, skiing, snowboarding. Lucie’s family is based here, in Zum See, a short walk up the mountain from the village.

An exemplary place, where human presence, and the architecture, can only exist according to a deep understanding of nature. Balance and awareness are essential. This is the meaning of the new Jil Sander+ collection. Elevated garments, in precious materials and thoughtful details, to experience winter at its best, everywhere. High performance merged with high aesthetic quality.

The essence of Jil Sander+; a seasonal collection that adds to the world of Jil Sander a series of single, functional pieces made for life in nature, for both men and women. Lucie and Luke have asked talented British photographer Nikki McClarron to capture these spaces, these designs, with her sensitivity for dramatic landscapes and her use of natural light.

For the way in which she harmoniously melts figures and background. Rocks, houses, the white of snow, wood, flora, humans, the geography of a mountain, smooth and rough, the light of a valley, the shimmering on a peak. Nature makes us all equal.

Read more about Jil Sander on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/jil-sander