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The power of spontaneity: Escada pre-fall 2023

By Press Club


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Image: Escada

Remember doing what feels natural and good, whenever you want to. Remember being present in the moment and choosing your actions instincti- vely, being able to respond with confidence whatever the outcome will be. Remember that some of the most thrilling things in life are done on impulse.

The experience of enjoying life is living it and not always planning it, allowing ourselves to be led in the moment by our feelings and emotions. Should great personal style not be born of a hazard series of wardrobe choices that can result in real, authentic fashion moments?

Image: Escada

It is the art of spontaneous style, where one can buy a piece you feel a connection to, or throw an outfit together randomly and produce true personal style.

Spontaneity is doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. It means challenging your boundaries and being more outgoing.

The ESCADA Autumn collection 2023 is unpredictable and unexpected. A collection that goes against the forces, so you can give into your temptations.

Image: Escada
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