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This SS24 season Rubirosa plays croquet: A game for All

By Press Club


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Credits: Rubirosa

RUBIROSA SS24 campaign pays homage to the classical summer game of croquet, in which fair play, elegance and respect are rules to play and live by. Since the beginning the croquet game has always been a totally inclusive sport: male and female, young and older players all compete together, with no age or gender divisions.

Several forms and variations of the croquet game exist, but all of them have in common that individual players or teams take turns to strike wooden balls with the iconic croquet mallets, scoring points by striking them through a hoop embedded in a grass playing court.

Credits: Rubirosa

Another distinctive quality of the croquet is its impeccable etiquette: a set of rules to be good players and perfect gentlewomen and gentlemen.

Ancient forms of what we now know as the croquet have been played since the Middle Ages. But it was during the second part of the XIX century that this discipline really has its heydays. In facts, references to the croquet can be found in such classics of the era as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Anna Karenina” or paintings by Edouard Manet. Notably at least two still very popular games derive from croquet: golf and pool table.

Stay tuned with RUBIROSA to learn more about the Croquet etiquette, to interpret and adapt to everyday life.

Credits: Rubirosa
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