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Vera Mont Autumn/Winter 2021

By Press Club

Sep 22, 2021


Image: Vera Mont

Glitter, bows, flounces, expressive prints and attitude - the autumn/winter it-list by Vera Mont is ready to make its debut. With extravagant, varied styles and bold colours, the glamourous creations make for impressive party looks. Established colours, such as festival blue and café au lait, are now joined by some surprising newcomers, such as red rosebud and mineral red.

“Sunset lovers” and “mystery nights” are the mottos of the season, hinting at the direction the collection is heading in - a new kind of festive fashion, stripped back to basics but still featuring accents with wow factor, inviting dreams of sunsets and evenings spent dancing.

Image: Vera Mont

The “sunset lovers” motto hints at a move away from flashy diamantés and bling, focusing instead on figure-hugging styles. Short, feminine cuts meet exciting shades of red, making for real head-turning pieces. Sophisticated wraparound styles with voluminous arms and an emphasis on the shoulders are certain to cause a stir. Delicate lace and the exciting contrast of light and dark add an enchanting touch to the pieces in the collection, reinterpreting classic eveningwear. The long, flowing ballgown is a stand-out piece, in dark colours with an extravagant slit on the leg in light beige. This extra-special garment stands in stark contrast to the colourful items in the collection, giving it an upgrade sure to stand the test of time.

The dark shades of festival blue and caviar make for mysterious autumn nights. The jaunty flounces and bow patterns at the waist or shoulders are particularly fascinating features. Chic jumpsuits are also part of the festive eveningwear in this collection.

Image: Vera Mont

The it-pieces are made up of extra-wide leg trousers and swinging skirts, lending a whole new kind of grace and elegance to your outfit. For a distinctive look, why not pair the black leather jacket, re-interpreted for the evening, with the feminine chiffon dress in a floral print to create a clash of styles?

The younger collection, VM by Vera Mont, features iridescent metallic stretch taffeta and graphic lace this season. The new 3D-effect jersey adds a fresh dynamic, in solid colour, multi-colour or with a subtle sparkle. Flared mini dresses with pleated inserts and a wrapover style can simply be slipped on for a cool, beautiful look.

Image: Vera Mont

The maxi dress in iridescent silver with graduated pleats and playful details on the shoulders creates a particularly magical look, for dancing the whole night away. Green autumnal shades provide that well-needed glow for later in the season. Subtle A-line styles meet large solid-colour floral prints, finished to perfection with enchanting details on the shoulders and back. Lush green leaf combines with golden green to create an ombré style, resulting in a flirtatious mini dress with delicate straps at the back. The cool pearl headbands and smartphone mini bags are the perfect accessories for your party look.

Read more about Vera Mont on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/vera-mont

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