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Why Apposta Represents The Future Of Custom Shirtmaking

By Press Club

Jan 27, 2022


Apposta shirt, courtesy of the brand

With over four generations of Italian shirtmaking knowledge at their disposal, you could be forgiven for thinking that men’s clothing brand Apposta represented an approach to creating shirts which is grounded in tradition and craftsmanship. While it’s true that the brand’s shirts are custom-made in Italy using fabrics from the world’s most highly-esteemed suppliers, similarities with the country’s many other custom-made clothing brands stop there.

At Apposta, a traditional approach to manufacturing is combined with digital innovation to offer men from all over the world access to the perfect fit of an Italian-made shirt from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, the brand’s online-only direct to consumer approach means that customers can expect to pay considerably less than is standard for premium quality custom-made shirts.

Apposta shirt, courtesy of the brand

Cutting out the need to visit a tailor, Apposta’s website guides users through a highly-accurate process of entering their own shirt measurements online. These measurements can be used on one of the site’s existing shirts or to create a shirt from scratch. For peace of mind measurements are checked twice before production. In the rare case that adjustments to a finished shirt are needed, Apposta’s perfect fit guarantee means that they will cover the cost of any alterations needed.

Not only can Apposta create shirts which are crafted for their customers’ exact measurements, they also provide a huge amount of customisation options. An extensive online inventory of over 4,000 premium fabrics includes almost any colour, pattern and textile imaginable. As well as putting customers in control of their fabric selection, each shirt detail such as collars, cuffs, buttons, fit and monogramming can be changed to suit any need. All of these customisations are included in the initial price of the shirt fabric, with no need to pay anything extra.

Apposta shirt, courtesy of the brand

Once customers have taken their measurements and created their favourite shirts, reordering from their account couldn’t be simpler. Measurements need only be entered once, after which they are stored and can be easily applied to any of the website’s shirts or new creations. Previously created shirts are easily accessible too, so they can be reordered and edited with ease.

The brand’s sustainability credentials are impressive too, with shirts created on demand only. There’s no unwanted stock and many fabrics are intentionally sourced from suppliers in close proximity to the Italian factory in which the shirts are made. The result is shirts which are highly resource efficient, and minimal in their environmental impact.

Apposta shirt, courtesy of the brand

Apposta was founded in 2011 by Gianmarco Taccaliti, a fourth-generation shirtmaker and Gianluca Mei, a tech entrepreneur. Apposta produces all shirts in Italy’s Marche region.

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