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Please consider a donation to support material innovation this holiday season

By Press Club


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Credits: Image: Material Innovation Initiative

You have so many choices of great charities to support this season. Please consider donating to MII! We have a special opportunity where two donors are matching up to $65,000 for all donations received before the end of the year.

We are the only nonprofit working to save animals and the planet by advancing the next-gen materials industry. Here are just a few of the things we cannot do without your support:

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY —We provide critical open-access scientific research and guidance for industry partners, stimulate new startups to fill white space opportunities identified by us, foster a network of researchers, and develop best practices for environmental impact analysis.

INNOVATION —We analyze the state of the next-gen materials industry, disseminate research data and insights to industry stakeholders, and facilitate connections amongst startups and investors to accelerate the growth of the next-gen materials industry.

BRAND PARTNERSHIPS —We help brands invest in, source from, and partner with next-gen materials companies, offer positioning advice and marketing support, and make introductions to next-gen material companies.

We are a small but mighty team, fully dedicated to our mission. We really need your support to continue our critical programs.

Thank you!

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