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KIKI World launches first customer-created beauty product

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Credits: Courtesy of KIKI

KIKI World—a beauty brand, tech platform, and online community all in one—just released its first customer-voted product: the Pearl Pretty Nail Graffiti.

New to the scene, the brand launched in early May with an innovative concept of being completely community-driven; where the standard of the beauty world has always been trickle down, KIKI banks on capturing the consumer imagination.

"Beauty brands are standing on the shoulders of customer recommendations and the creator economy. We wanted to build a world in which both customers and creators can become true co-owners of the beauty brand's success,” said CEO Jana Bobosikova in a press release. Offering hi-tech makeup, hair, skincare, and nail products, the brand’s innovation goes beyond solidifying a multi-dimensional connection with its consumer base.

Pretty Nail Graffiti, the inaugural product, is a water-based, peel-off nail polish housed in a clickable pen and is priced at 29 dollars individually.

The customer-created Pearl is an iridescent shade, joining the existing colour lineup of a high-shine white, a matte black, and Crackle—a nod to the ‘90s nail trend. Pearl is currently available for pre-order.

The KIKI World Pass, a membership that grants the ability to vote on future releases, invites customers to be fully immersed in the collective. Described as a “demand-driven value chain”, members get to interact with products in a completely reimagined format from choosing new product prototypes to earning rewards with each use.

The digital element of the KIKI brand also has physical ties. Each product is embedded with SmartPen Technology, which allows the user to pair their product with their device to receive member-exclusive KIKI Points that can be redeemed as cash.

With shades like Very Cherry and Hot Cocoa, the vote for the next colour launch is on, and those in the majority not only get to see their favourite swatch come into fruition but earn a free corresponding NFT.