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Forever 21, Lord & Taylor and Wildfox to launch Barbie Fashion

By FashionUnited


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Mattel Inc. is preparing to introduce a series of fashion and accessories collections this

fall which have been inspired by its best-selling doll, Barbie.

Apparel labels Forever 21, Lord & Taylor and Wildfox are all set to launch separate collections, based on the famous doll and secure her place as an eternal fashion icon. “This fall really is the start of what is a multi year focus and priority for us,” said Jessica Dunne, Mattel's general manager and senior vice president to WWD.

The different fashion labels each found their inspiration for their collections in Barbie's wardrobe throughout the years. Forever 21's collection is said to have a Nineties vibe, Lord & Taylor's line a retro Fifties and Sixties feel and Wildfox's range an Eighties look.

Forever 21's capsule collection is slated to be the first line to launch, as well as the largest and most affordable, offering sportswear, sleepwear, outerwear, cosmetics as well as accessories all inspired by Barbie. Prices are set to retail between 3.90 and 24.90 dollars and the collection will be available in-stores around the world and online from September 5.

Wildfox's collaborative collection is more closely based on outfits worn by Malibu Barbie in the eighties and will feature sportswear, swimwear, denim and sunglasses. The resort 2014 line, known as “The Wildfox Dreamhouse” is set to launch November 15 online and in-store, with prices for the line ranging from 37.50 and 183 dollars.

Lord & Taylor will launch a Barbie-based 12 piece sleepwear collection, which is said to have a more conservative look than the other lines. The sleepwear range will hit stores from September 14 in Lord & Taylor's top ten stores, with retail prices ranging between 32 and 46 dollars.

“We have fans of Barbie of all ages, and [many] girls that [once] played with them have grown up,” added Dunne. “We really wanted to make sure that we put together consumer approaches that reached all ages.”

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