Gucci has been awarded 4.7 million dollars in damages against Guess. This is far less

than the amount of over 221 million dollars that the Italian luxury firm had initially claimed. Gucci argued that Guess had infringed upon the Gucci trademark with its beige and brown Quatro G pattern and red-and-green stripe, accusing the US fashion label of using 'studied imitations'. The federal judge in a New York court, however, chose to award only the profits from products sold featuring the Quatro G pattern in this color combination, ruling that for there to be a claim of counterfeiting, US “courts have uniformly restricted trademark counterfeiting claims to those situations where entire products have been copied stitch-for-stitch.”

Gucci was also awarded a permanent injunction against Guess, preventing the company from using the Quatro G pattern in the beige and brown colour combination and the red-and-green stripe.




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