MS Mode (NL) selects NedGraphics for a faster time to market

Easy Coloring Pro and Color Reduction & Cleaning enhance

the agility and presentation of new collections. NedGraphics, a subsidiary of NedSense enterprises n.v. (NYSE Euronext Amsterdam: NEDSE) announces today that MS mode in Amsterdam, the international head office of MS mode GmbH has selected NedGraphics Easy Coloring Pro and Color Reduction & Cleaning Pro to speed up its time to market for new collections.

MS mode is an inspiring fashion retailer who serves the fuller, European woman in her early forties through a feminine collection with a comfortable fit.

In its pursuit of bringing new collections to the market in a cost-effective, efficient and qualitative manner, the company had to find a way to support this process with niche, sector specific tools that move beyond the ‘show and print’ stage. Easy Coloring Pro and Color Reduction and Cleaning Pro are fashion design specific and allow us to change color, pattern on any type of design at incredible speed.

Stijntje Jaspers, Head of Design at MS mode states: “Easy Coloring Pro and Color Reduction and Cleaning Pro are two solutions that add real value to our current application of Adobe Illustrator. Its agility in publishing/presenting and changing colors and patterns hugely facilitates and optimizes the exchange and communication with our production plants and headquarter/shops. We have a faster and more agile collection representation in an image realistic way, which clearly supports our sales efforts too. The expertise of the Nedgraphics team and their reliability as a longstanding partner in this industry further encouraged us to select them as a partner in this vital step of our company value chain.”

“We are very pleased that yet another pro-active market player has signed up for our technology”, comments Pieter Aarts, CEO of NedSense enterprises n.v./NedGraphics. “MS mode is clearly a leader in its niche segment and we are proud to support them in a faster and more professional journey to market”.
About color reduction and cleaning pro
Color Reduction and Cleaning Pro offers some of the most specialized and versatile tools for processing scans of artwork and fabric samples alike. While scans capture an unlimited number colors, companies are challenged with the interpretation of the scan into a precise number of flat and tonal colors. Several color reduction techniques can be applied, depending on the design type, and the real time preview window assures that you’ll achieve the result that you want, in the least amount of time. Following color reduction, a full compliment of cleaning tools can be accessed to remove unwanted imperfections. As most of the cleaning tools can be applied automatically, the user will spend a minimal amount of time manually replacing stray dirt, fabric textures or pencil lines.

About MS mode
MS mode is an inspiring fashion retailer which serves the fuller, European woman in her early fourties It offers a feminine collection with a comfortable fit in a wide size range(size 40-52) for the best price.MS mode has got 419 shops on A /B+ locations in the bigger cities of 6 countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Spain) and an online webshop. The international head office is located in Amsterdam. More information:

About NedSense enterprises n.v. and NedGraphics
NedGraphics is a wholly owned subsidiary of NedSense enterprises n.v. Through its subsidiary, NedSense has built up an impressive track record of developing and producing software solutions for the fashion and textile industry over a period of 30 years.

NedSense serves more than 3.500 customers through a global network of over 42 resellers and agents. Its 14 offices are ideally located in the leading textile, fashion and production centers of the world. To enhance and preserve its dominant market position NedGraphics continues to invest in its highly qualified staff, market research, and product development.

The corporate philosophy and professional approach of NedGraphics ensures a close working relationship with the finest designers and manufacturers by offering them solutions which are of the highest level of functionality. It enables its clients to improve their sales through minimizing “time to market”, optimizing product development flow and reducing sampling costs. Each software solution is offered in a fully integrated modular system to guarantee the current and future operational performance.

NedSense is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam [NEDSE]. More information on and




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