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Condé Nast College opens applications

Feb 15, 2012


The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design has opened applications for its two courses, which will launch in 2013; a 10-week Vogue Fashion Certificate, and a year-long Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma. Both vocational courses

will explore all aspects of fashion from styling and art direction, to brand marketing and the workings of the fashion calendar, but the college website clearly states ‘while these courses are extremely creative, it is not our aim to teach students how to be fashion designers’.

certificate course will launch in January 2013 and will offer an overview of all aspects of the fashion industry from identifying designer’s style and impact, the language of fashion, styling and art direction, as well as PR and brand marketing and how fashion businesses actually work. This intensive course aims to prepare students either for further study in higher education or for employment in the world of fashion.

The second course starting October 2013 is the year-long diploma, which aims to enhance students’ creative and communications skills within the context of the wider fashion industry. The curriculum will cover the entire spectrum of fashion with modules ranging from fashion photography to styling, from high-street to luxury brands, and from print to digital media; concluding with a final creative project that will be exhibited in the College’s Digital Exhibition Space.

“In these highly competitive times in which we now live, luck just can’t be depended upon. It is therefore with great pride and excitement that I bring you this, our inaugural prospectus, for the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design,” says Principle Susie Forbes. “We believe that we have created a unique educational offering that, with its strong vocational bias, will arm a whole new generation of students with the skill and capability to pursue a successful career in the fashion industry.”