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CPD Signatures: A New Script for Düsseldorf

Feb 9, 2011


Since the past fashion weekend, the fact that Düsseldorf is a fashion hub has no longer been in question. Alongside countless fashion events, shop openings and functions, the internationally renowned and newly conceived CPD Signatures

fashion fair took place. The expectations for the trade fair were high and the new concept appears to have borne fruit.

With Berlin having recaptured its position as the fashion capital, Düsseldorf and its fashion fair stand season upon season in front of the critics. In the past year the Igedo Company, organiser of the CPD, CPI, CPM and GDS fashion fairs, made plain that the fashion fair would continue in the future because the main order business in Germany continues to be concluded in Düsseldorf. And so Igedo developed a new concept and changed the name of the fair from CPD (“Collections Premieren Düsseldorf”) to CPD Signatures.

The fair, at which the fashion trends for the coming winter were presented in just two halls, was more structured and coherent than in previous years. Igedo decided in advance that it would opt for the most contemporary of the halls at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre and selected a uniform stand concept.

The new concept was well received by the roughly 450 exhibitors and was fully booked out weeks ahead of the trade fair. And the trade visitors, who were able to visit the fair free of charge for the first time, found the new concept appealing. The proportion of foreign visitors in particular was unexpectedly high this time round. The first day of the exhibition was well attended, as were the fashion shows. Slots on the X-shaped catwalk were available for purchase by fair exhibitors for the first time. This meant forfeiting the trade fair’s connection with Düsseldorf’s fashion schools, which had been able to present their collections in past years during the February event. The junior design award “Design am Rhein” was also discontinued. However, despite the novelties and a few beautification measures, CPD Signatures was unable to attract young brands.

Many brands also deliberately turned their backs on the exhibition, focusing all year on their own Showrooms or presenting themselves at the independent Supreme and Premium Order exhibitions away from the exhibition centre. On the first occasion of the Supreme last July the event was held in a small location although this expanded dramatically and now occupies three storeys of the Düsseldorf Sky Office skyscraper. The exhibitors and visitors are particularly fond of the familiar ambience, the personal attention and the high concentration of numerous, diverse brands within a small space. Just like the Supreme, the Düsseldorf Fashion House Showroom Complex, Imotex and Haus Paris from neighbouring Neuss reported not only healthy visitor numbers but also good order figures.

Whether the new CPD Signatures concept will also prove itself in the future and stand its ground against the Order exhibitions and Showrooms remains to be seen. However, the first step in the right direction has already been taken with the new concept.

From our correspondent in Düsseldorf
CPD Signatures