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By FashionUnited

Sep 25, 2012

Category: Fashion Design
'Best combination of creativity, technical prowess and commercial sense'

In the application form, add 3-5 photo’s of your work that Show your creative and  technical skills
In the application form, add 1 visual interpretation of the brand SuperTrash by its slogan: "The SuperTrash woman combines outspoken personality with effortless style".
Add a short description of your interpretation
You are free to choose how to express yourself when  interpreting the brand SuperTrash. This can be in the form of sketches, photo's, a styled look, images, a moodboard etc.
Keep in mind: fabric Choice, use of accessories, designed with a specific target group in mind

Category: Fashion Branding (Marketing)
Most creative and powerful fashion branding concept or marketing campaign'

Create a new marketing campaign for Diesel

Create the most comprehensive visual Marketing campaign for Diesel, this is your moment to impress Renzo Rosso!
Keep in mind:
         - consistence
         - market knowledge
         - adapted to target group
         - articulation of brand values
         - story telling
         - translation of brand
You are relatively free in this assignment, you do not have to think about budgets or other restrictions: the sky is the limit!
Max 5-7 pages
Make it visual and explain by text

NOTE: For both categories, you can also hand in an already made project. As long as it is a good representation of why you should win. Goodluck!

Before you apply first read our rules and regulations section carefully


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