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Interview - Working at Bestseller: 'The opportunities at Bestseller are endless.'

By FashionUnited


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BESTSELLER is currently looking for experienced buyers and designers for their headquarter in Aarhus.

Meet Michael Schultze, who started as a buyer and worked his way up to the top


  1. What is the first thing you do when you start your working day?

    On a typical day, the first thing I do is to open my calendar and get an overview of the most important projects.

  2. What does your job entail?

    My job is all about products and people! Overall my job is to motivate and inspire people with different competencies and interests to work together towards a common goal and strive towards creating value for our end-customers and our business. The art is to combine commercialization with creativity and an eye for fashion’s next big thing.

  3. How did you end up in your current position?

    I started in BESTSELLER in 2003 working as a buyer. In 2005 I was offered a job in another company where I worked with product technical tasks and gained a better understanding of the full value stream. In 2013 I returned to BESTSELLER and became responsible for ONLY’s main collection focusing on design, buying, production, construction and quality. In this position I got a unique opportunity to use both my creative skills and my product technical competencies. Both sides are crucial, when you have the overall responsibility for both developing the right products and buying the right material.
    Right now a new exciting adventure is waiting, since I have just taken over the responsibility for BESTSELLER in China. In July 2015, I will move to China together with my family and start in my new position as Chief Representative and Head of BESTSELLER United China.

  4. What did you wanted to become when you were little?

    Just like many other boys, football has always been my big passion, and my dream was to be able to play football for a living. I have always been driven by competition and performance, which is also the biggest motivational factor for me today.

  5. What do you like about your job?

    I love that I always need to be in high gear. In BESTSELLER nothing is ever static - we are always moving. This creates an environment full of energy, which is very motivating. Also, being in a company with a strong foundation to build on and a huge perspective for the future gives me the best opportunities for professional and personal development. Working here has also sent me around the world, which has definitely been an extra bonus.

  6. How is it to be responsible for the overall collection structure in cooperation with the design and buying team?

    It is a fantastic challenge. The structure and logistics need to be so strong that it becomes a natural part of our everyday work. When we succeed with that, it leaves a creative room for the designers and buyers so they can focus on the products - our most important asset. Creating strong and attractive products takes the right mix of passion and attention to the detail.

  7. What are the biggest challenges in your position?

    Finding the perfect balance between fashion and commerciality can be a challenge. What is the right level of detail in order for a product to be fashionable? And when does it tip over and become unsellable?  It is a fine line, which in the end comes down to giving the customers the best possible product at the best price. Not just the cheapest or the most fashionable product.

  8. What is the most exciting thing that you experienced in your position?

    One of my best projects was the development of a Quality Control and Merchandise set-up in first India and then China. Developing a sustainable set-up and help bring it to life was an extremely exciting project which taught me a lot. I worked closely together with people of different nationalities and cultures and I helped recruit QC and Merchandise employees. This gave me insights into how people live and think in different corners of the world. This is definitely an experience which I would not have been without.

  9. Why Bestseller?

    Bestseller is an amazing company – the opportunities are endless and the limitations almost none existing. It’s that simple :-)

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