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Mexx closes its webshop: "It did not comply with our vision"

By FashionUnited


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“We are not extremely proud of our current webshop. So about a year ago, we decided to built a new online store. The expectations of the store were running high. But it turned out to be such a disappointment,” said Julia Hansen, chief creative officer at the fashion brand. “The question was:

what are we going to do?” We decided that if it did not add anything to the Mexx brand, then we just would not do it. We will say 'no' to any plans that do not add any value to Mexx.”

That was

how the decision came around for the Dutch fashion label Mexx to close its online store this coming Saturday. Customers can still place online orders until February 28, but after that they only have two weeks to return any ill-fitting items. In the meantime, Mexx will be busy building another 'amazing' online store.

It is a remarkable move, for a fashion label to close its webshop in the year 2014. Hansen agrees: “I'm from San Francisco, I started selling things online in 1991,” she laughs. “Yes, it was a difficult decision for us, one that we made one month ago. It is especially annoying for our customers who do not live near a store that offers Mexx,” she admits. “But we would rather take some time off and return with an amazing online platform, a webshop that will make shopping a great experience, then continue to let consumers visit a online store that we are anything, but proud of. In the end, we are a fashion brand, we make clothing. We are a private equity company, so we do not release statements concerning our sales, but at this moment e-commerce is not a large part of our business.”

Zanox, an affiliate marketing and advertising company sent out a message yesterday morning stating that Mexx had decided to closes its webshop from March 1 due to payment issues. According to Hansen, this statements is utter nonsense. She adds that Mexx has invested a lot of money in its product data and photography for the webshop. “However, our Russian and Canadian online stores will remain open, so we still have those costs to bear in mind.”

Mexx to take down its online store from March 1, 2014

Yet the question still remains: why doesn't Mexx simply build a new online store, while the old one remains open for business? “We already tried that in the past, but it did not suit our needs, so now we have no choice. Making compromises will not help Mexx evolve, and you cannot build a new online store overnight. We are not proud of the current webshop we have now. It is not dynamic, nor it is interactive. Our art designers are unable to convey what Mexx stands for, they cannot share blogs with the thoughts they were having when they designed a garment. While back in 2003, these things were possible. The whole idea to build a new online store came to be because we did not approve of the old one. Plus, we are always aware of the ongoing competitive market we work in. So everything we do, must be unique. We always look at what is important for the brand, we want to keep the brand 'pure'."

Mexx stresses that it will not disappear from the online world of the internet. Hansen: “We will continue to share our collections online. On Saturday we will launch a new online platform, which showcases and radiates how the Mexx brand has evolved to today.” The brand also had many discussions with online retailers who currently sell their brand. Customers who visit Mexx.com after March 1, will be forwarded to one of their partners online stores. Hansen: “Haha, yes I am sure that they will be happy to receive the extra customers.”

By our Dutch correspondent, Yasmine Esser

Julia Hansen