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Vogue launches archive website

By FashionUnited


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Interested in perusing the best of 90s fashion or Vogue covers from the 30s to the 70s? Vogue.com has launched an archive website which contains every single page from every issue dating back to the magazine's American debut in 1892.

to Vogue's press release, the site is searchable by decade, brand, designer, and photographer; you can also sort results by articles, images, covers, or ads. It's a wildly impressive undertaking to organize such a massive amount of information, but having the information at your fingertips comes with a price.

For now, the archive is only available to subscribers, for the cost of $1,575 per year. If you're part of a company that wants access for research or branding purposes, it is possible to gain a package deal with forecasting site WGSN.

So, why is it so expensive to subscribe? To start, the site has no advertisers, which means that subscribers shoulder the full cost of its maintenance. Another explanation is that Vogue simply wants to keep its archive exclusive, according to The Cut.

A promotion video can be seen at www.vogue.com/archive

Image: Vogue 1965