If Tony Stark was to design shoes for Pepper Potts what would they look like? Well according to shoe designer Julian Hakes they would look this – a futuristic take on his signature shoe.

In collaboration with Disney, Hakes has fitted his iconic ‘Mojito’ shoe with an LED light, resembling the ARC-reactor that powers Iron Man’s suit in the film, as well as giving the heels a new paint job in Iron Man’s classic red and chrome suit colours.

Commenting on the project, Hakes said: “Because of my design and engineering background, I’ve always been fascinated by Tony Stark in Marvel’s Iron Man comic books and films. The ‘Mojito’ shoe is a result of an architectural driven process.

“After realising that only the heel and ball of the feet require support to maximise comfort, I created many different prototypes before arriving at the ‘Mojito’ design - perhaps even rivalling the number of suits created by Tony Stark!”

Shoe lovers around the world might be wondering where they can buy these Iron Man ribbon-style heels, well sadly this pair is a one-off, however the ‘Mojito’, which won the prestigious Drapers Footwear and Accessories award last year is available in various colours.





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