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European Fashion Alliance (EFA) is a membership based alliance founded in 2022 in which international fashion and textile organisations share experience and drive change in their sector. The federation empowers the fashion industry, its stakeholders and their activities, entrepreneurial creativity and innovation skills through advocacy and communication of the alliance of European Fashion Councils and like-minded organisations. Furthermore, EFA offers a platform for professional networking and communication on European level within the industry, but also cross-sectorial. EFA enhances the dynamic exchange of information within the industry, facilitating transfer of information, know-how and best practices within the sector to empower entrepreneurial creativity and innovation skills. Lastly, the EFA encourages cross-national cooperation and connections, as well as supporting mobility between creative actors and the industry.
EFA defines sustainable, innovative and future driven objectives and measures and enforcing them within their organisation and region promoting multidisciplinary and innovative forward-thinking tendencies and action which will be defined and challenged during the annual meetings and summits. Additionally, the European Fashion Alliance co-creates common policy and dialogue between policy makers and fashion professionals. EFA represents the fashion design sector in national and international forums by actively participating and creating awareness for the urgent need to drive the industry into a faster Green Deal. EFA develops coordinated awareness in relation to fashion professionals, audience and policy makers on regional, national and international level.