Oeko-Tex and German fashion school AMD hand out joint awards

The award by Oeko-Tex and AMD Akademie Mode & Design was presented in Dusseldorf after the cooperation between the textile labeling company and the German fashion school was launched in April. During the competition, students had the chance to learn about the procurement process of certified garments while gaining insights into sustainability.

At the final jury meeting, four jury members selected the winners from 19 participants who had four months to plan, procure materials and manufacture the clothes that were designed under the 'Form Finding Dress' theme. The students will present their designs on the weekend of the Dusseldorf fashion fairs to a wider professional audience in January.

Oeko-Tex and German fashion school AMD hand out joint awards

A competition for more sustainability

Swen Braun won first place and a prize of 1,500 euros with his design ‘Nature Fight’. The second place and a prize money of 1,000 euros went to Sara Peters for her model Le Traceur, the third place and a prize of 500 euros were awarded to Katya Maluavanga for her dress Combattante. The short-term innovation award for the Nostradamus-inspired model went to Atina Drincic.

"Trend-conscious and ecological - the students' work displayed modernity, professional implementation and holistic thinking”, said Markus Wirz, fashion design (B.A.) program director at AMD Düsseldorf in a press statement. “It is precisely this awareness that we want to convey at the AMD and we also want to train the future generation of designers in a sustainable value chain as well as fair environmental and working conditions. We thank the company Oeko-Tex for the supply of materials and prizes awarded. "

Photos: Oeko-Tex / AMD





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