Fashion Statistics Japan

National data

Population: 127.1 million
Labor force: 65.5 million
Unemployment rate: 4 %
GDP per capita (PPS): 36,194 dollars

Fashion industry - in depth

Annual turnover of the apparel and clothing industry: 96 billion dollars
Annual turnover of womenswear: 58 billion dollars
Annual turnover of menswear: 28 billion dollars
Annual turnover of childrenswear: 10 billion dollars

Consumer Expenditure

Annual expenditure on clothing and footwear: 97 billion dollars

Fashion companies

Japan is known for its international fashion companies and its several successful designers. UNIQLO Japan, a subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd, is the nation’s largest apparel retail chain with a 6.5 percent share in the Japanese apparel market, and a network of 841 stores, which generate annual net sales of over 6 billion dollars. UNIQLO differentiates itself by providing unique and high-quality clothing for a reasonable price. Fast Retailing also has several subsidiaries with an international focus, among others UNIQLO International.

The table below lists the Top 5 largest fashion companies of Japan. Honorable mention,s that just fell out of the Top 5, are companies Mikimoto and Comme des Garçons.

Company name Market value Annual revenue Company type
1 Fast Retailing 31.5 billion dollars 14.4 billion dollars Public
2 Shimamura group 5 billion dollars 4.64 billion dollars Public
3 Asics Corporation 4.50 billion dollars 3.90 billion dollars Public
4 United Arrows 1.40 billion dollars 1.17 billion dollars Public
5 Onward Holdings 1.13 billion dollars 2.3 billion dollars Public

Exports (2014)

Total exports of clothing, textiles and footwear: 9.1 billion dollars

Exports of clothing and textiles: 8.9 billion dollars

Largest exports within this product group:

  • Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn: 933 million dollars
  • Synthetic filament yarn: 802 million dollars
  • Synthetic staple fibers: 644 million dollars
  • Nonwoven textiles: 602 million dollars
  • Artificial filament tow: 541 million dollars

Exports of footwear and headwear: 229 million dollars

Largest exports within this product group:

  • Other headgear: 104 million dollars
  • Footwear with leather body: 25 million dollars
  • Parts of footwear; 24 million dollars

Imports (2014)

Total imports of clothing, textiles and footwear: 43 billion dollars

Imports of clothing and textile: 36.5 billion dollars

Largest imports within this product group:

  • Sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts, etc: 4.7 billion dollars
  • Women’s suits, non knit: 3.27 billion dollars
  • Men’s suits, non knit: 2.63 billion dollars
  • T-shirts: 2.09 billion dollars
  • Women’s suits: 1.56 billion dollars
  • Women’s overcoats, non knit: 1.49 billion dollars

Imports of footwear and headwear: 6.5 billion dollars

Largest imports within this product group:

  • Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 1.9 billion dollars
  • Footwear, with textile body: 1.6 billion dollars
  • Footwear, with leather body: 1.35 billion dollars


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Sources: CIA, ILO, WTO, IBISWorld, OECD, Comtrade (UN), World Bank, Statistics Japan.

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