4funkyflavours.eu The Netherlands
The power of 4funkyflavours lies in the whole company's team spirit and dedication to keep developing and growing, both creatively and commercially. Our creative team currently consists of 4 people. In addition to product development, there are many other elements that demand special attention. Our entire team consists of a broad range of personalities, a real mix of characters who support and complement one another.
We started with relatively little fashion experience, but conversely, a great deal of knowledge about and a love of children and their perception of the world. This, combined with an irrepressible desire to be distinctive and to want to make a qualitative as well as a creative contribution to what is already available. In 2009, we commenced our mission to make the world a more colourful place with plenty of enthusiasm and a positive approach. Children are still our inspiration. Every child has unique personality traits and preferences that make him or her a unique person with an individual identity and taste. We try to translate this into colourful, exciting and surprising collections. Children start their lives with an open mind and we would like to encourage them to remain true to themselves. We hope we can enrich their lives with a little creativity, so that they start their lives with confidence in the future and can be carefree during their early years. Photo credit: Courtesy of 4funkyflavours