Benthos Buttons United Kingdom
At Benthos Buttons® we use ethically sourced, reclaimed fishing net nylon to produce sustainable fashion garment The most sustainable + Ethical garment button available. "For every 1 virgin nylon button made, we make 46 buttons before we hit the same CO2 impact." 100% Cornish - From fishing nets to buttons.
Upset with the attitude of the fashion industry, Niall Jones (CEO) has strived to help and contribute towards solving the industry’s colossal CO2 emissions. Jones teamed up with Ian Falconer, CEO at Fishy Filaments, in 2019. Fishy Filaments are the manufacturers of the Marine Nylon® material used for the production of Benthos Buttons. Fishy Filaments purchase old nets from fishermen, giving them an incentive to not disregard them at sea. Ghost fishing nets make up for 10% of the ocean pollution problem. Fishy Filaments’ Marine Nylon® has a 97% less environmental impact in comparison to virgin nylon. As the entire manufacturing process for Benthos Buttons is all held in the same County, transportation emissions are kept to a minimum. As a result, Benthos Buttons are the most sustainable garment button available. Interested? Please contact wholesale: