Bruut The Netherlands
Founded in 2012 Bruut is a fast growing Netherlands based online exclusive multi-brand webshop/store with an worldwide online coverage. Bruut offers men’s and women’s brands like: Nike, Jordan, Daily Paper, Lost Management Cities, Chinatown Market and many more. Bruut started from his flagship store in Hoofddorp and has growing out to one of the biggest webshops in de Benelux.
In 2018 Bruut was starting to take it to the next level and founded their own brand called Bruut offering women’s and men’s ready-to-wear fashion, accessories and more as well as special artistic collaborations and one-off projects. The brand Bruut had collaborations with Adidas, Puma, Alpine sound, Olf de Bruin, Sasa Ostoja and many more! Bruut Comfort Club Founded in 2021. Connecting the past and the future. Transcending seasons and perfectly timed. We design products to live in, for any situation and for basic needs. Starting a movement for a brighter future. Bruut Comfort Club is focused on comfort, transparency and openness, which are essential values to our family-driven community. Wholesale E: Photo credit: Bruut