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Each woman & girl collection of by-bar develops itself in an organic way. The inspiration of Barbara, the founder of by-bar, comes from her journeys, her habitat, what she experiences and what she sees & feels everywhere around her.
Bar's unique signature The style of Barbara can best be described as a combination of Scandinavian clean design with a female effortless 'Je ne sais quoi’-style. That’s the unexpected touch of Barbara, this makes the by-bar style unique. By-bar studio Together with her committed team Barbara always looks for the best materials, improved styles and is focused on the smallest details. She and her team love to create items in natural colors, with colorful accents in a clean and effortless style. They are dedicated to getting that well balanced collection of high-quality items, wearable for more than one season. We hope you enjoy as much as we love making it! Wholesale P: +31 (0) 76-3030900 E: Photo credit: BY-BAR Amsterdam