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Founded in 2003, By Malene Birger is a brand devoted to the contemporary bohemian – delivering long-lasting investment pieces with a conscious approach. The collections embrace an eclectic vision of Scandinavian minimalism, finding a niche where refined and elevated style meets free-spirited ease. Everything we create must serve an authentic purpose in the curated wardrobe of the By Malene Birger woman. The By Malene Birger design collective is headed by Maja Dixdotter.
The By Malene Birger headquarters is situated in an 18th century mansion in Copenhagen’s historic Frederiksberg. The expansive 2,000-square-metre space is home to our universe. It includes the atelier, showroom and management offices, with views overlooking our gardens. Beautifully furnished and adorned with a collection of artwork, this inspiring location showcases the artistry and attention to detail so key to our brand. Photo credit: Courtesy of by Malene Birger