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It’s a though balance these days, between staying true to yourself and standing out in an ultra- violent crowd. Those who want to express themselves in a subtle way, are often forgotten. Something that's more difficult than it might seem, in a fashion scenery where color is often undervalued for men. For this reason, Castart wants to create something unlike the rest they’ve seen so far.
Castart, the French word for a cheeky man, launched its first collection in 2018 and has been busy rediscovering itself and inventing new stuff ever since. They work closely with the factories to strive for new developments within qualitative but also sustainable products. Producing pieces only in an ethnic way that fit their personal values, with an international orientation, the main focus remains a personal approach. Compared to other materials being sold massively online, clothes are something else. You have to try, feel and get to know a piece before you can truly connect with it. Items that are as strong in quality as the story it has to tell, is even more outspoken. Based on these core values, Castart finds its inspiration in both everyday things - such as helping the headstrong man by using clothes as a way to express himself - as well as in more artistic disciplines. As such, each collection starts from a creative theme. For example, the outspoken colors in the paintings of Mark Rothko were one of the primary sources of inspiration for Castart. Later, the artistic movement Bauhaus formed the first blueprints for the winter collection. Seeking on the timeline of art history for subjects, Castart looks for themes and colors that fit their story. But other artistic disciplines such as architecture or music, or even movies and installations, can also be used to start from. Finally, the definite creative line that runs through the collection is a consistent story which gives the label this unique familiar flow. Photo credit: Courtesy of Castart