danielessa.com France
French Luxury Footwear brand, DANIEL ESSA, redefines the future of timeless statement footwear with minimalistic details and sophisticated use of colors and materials.
Daniel Essa translates his creativity into modern day fashion icons. His designs are complex yet sleek and functional. Handmade in Italy from certified sustainable bovine leather, each pair tells a story with a hidden momento from the designer himself engraved on the inside of the tongue. The sneakers are artfully constructed and detailed with the label’s signature unicorn logo, bringing a touch of magic and style to any wardrobe. Daniel Essa inspires a fearless lifestyle with his focus on bringing together a sense of comfort, functionality and longevity with an ethos of bold confidence and chic individuality. The brand does not represent a trend- rather the future. Wholesale P: +33771614714 E: office@danielessa.com Photo credit: DANIEL ESSA