Elements of Freedom

elementsoffreedom.nl The Netherlands
Elements of Freedom believes in the power of freedom. The freedom to be yourself, the freedom to make your own choices and the freedom to express. Our clothing is designed in Amsterdam. We love a colourful society in which different cultures and people of any age can freely develop themselves into who they are. Our designs are inspired by nature’s beauty, city life, culture and people across the entire world.
Our aim is to create your favorite clothes that can be worn on any occasion and that will give you years of wearing pleasure. Made in harmony with people and nature, so you will always be wearing Elements of Freedom feeling good and free. Elements of Freedom is known for it’s authenticity, quality, perfect fit, gorgeous natural fabrics and unique prints. With our recycled or biodegradable items we are closing the loop and are moving towards a complete circular approach. Wholesale E: info@elementsoffreedom.nl Photo credit: Elements of Freedom