Fashion Square Marketing Germany
trade publication
Fashion Square Marketing stands for competence and sustainability in high-quality fashion business. As an international company, we range from designers / manufacturers / agents to retailers and consumers in the premium brands sector. As a full-service agency, Fashion Square Marketing offers the fashion industry a wide range of advice and services and represents its interests on a local and international level.
THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE is an international image and information booklet published twice a year, and will be distributed free of charge to the entire retail sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, exhibitors and visitors, as well as press. The official publications are distributed on time to the fashion trade show seasons also at the fashion trade fairs and showrooms in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK and Russia. Leading global fashion designers, manufacturers and agents communicate their image photos, collections, philosophy, showrooms, order dates and contact partners to the trade. Internationally prominent designers/manufacturers, top premium brands and agents keep the fashion trade informed with always updated photos, collections, philosophy, showrooms, order dates and contact.