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Helene Galwas and Katja Popp are the masterminds behind the young fashion label "HELENE GALWAS", which was established in November 2018. The two women have been friends for over 10 years and are the perfect match of talents. After various stages as an artist and designer, Helene has been producing custom-made products for her clients in her studio in Hanover for over 10 years which makes her the creative head of the label. Katja originally kept herself busy in the “start-up arena” and has helped many companies to fruition. She is in charge of the operational structure. Eventually they realized that they would like to take the courageous step together to start their own label. "I want to provide self-confident and sophisticated women with versatile garments. With parts from the new collection, my clients can create a suitable look for every occasion that expresses their personal mood. " - Helene Galwas
Helene Galwas is a new label-2-watch from Germany focusing on innovative and sustainable designs. The very fashionable capsule collections are handmade in Hannover and in a small sewing department in Poland. The process of each design is a strong statement against fast fashion. Their passion for own developed prints on silk, removable volants and smart applications are refining their airy dresses allowing every woman to glow The collection is made for women with an individual sense of style, who have to be extremely flexible in their everyday lives: In the mornings they take the little ones to kindergarten, then from office work to sports and in the evening, they transform into a more fashionable lifestyle. The Helene Galwas customer should always be well dressed, whatever happens... "Every day my job and my child surprise me with new challenges, tasks and moments . Therefore, I have to be flexible and well-dressed - with quality that speaks for itself, at a reasonable price, produced without child labor, based on excellent craftsmanship and quality to last for a long time. " - Katja Popp Because we are not committed to producing 8-10 collections a year we deliberately put on 2 capsule collections per year, which are well thought through and convincing with timeless design, without neglecting trends. The capsule collection succeeds in merging casual, business and evening style - giving its customers absolute flexibility and freedom. Our credo: "Fashion is to carry and to accompany life, not to throw away!" Your Lena and Katja We are here for you.