I Sette Giorni

isettegiorni.be Belgium
I Sette Giorni is a handbag collection by Belgian designer Katelijne Van Renterghem. Just like her previous jewelry line, Katelijne’s first handbag collection is a series of true gems – only this time the accessories are created with high quality Italian leather, instead of gold and precious metals.
The elegant, exclusive bags were designed in Belgium and are made in northern Italy, from the best materials and finest craftsmanship. I Sette Giorni refers to the seven days of the week. A collection designed specifically for women who like a bag that is both practical and refined for every occasion – a bag that ensures they have everything at their fingertips at all times. From Monday to Sunday. From casual to chic. From working meeting to aperitivo hour. Wholesale KATELIJNE VAN RENTERGHEM P: +32 (0)476 86 18 07 E: info@isettegiorni.be Photo credit: I Sette Giorni