Icon Brand

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Authentic, wearable jewellery for the style-conscious man. Icon Brand is a brand that embraces lifestyle trends from around the world. We balance functional pieces with expressive styles which are contemporary and forward thinking. The brand embraces global culture, delivering contemporary designs with refinement and a light-hearted twist. Icon Brand curates 4 ‘Chapters' each year in our East London design studio. Each collection is guided by our own seasonal stories and contains a balance of statement pieces crafted from premium materials and price-aware fashion forward styles for simple, no fuss accessorizing.
The brand has forged an effortless design style, which is simple, refined, and is now increasingly identifiable to Icon Brand. Today Icon is sold in 32 countries, across six continents, and by many of the world’s best-known retailers. Wholesale E: info@thebrandstable.co.uk Photo credit: Courtesy of Icon Brand