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KABAK has its roots in Poland, a country with a beautiful textile industry’s history. Since 2013, we design and create fashion accessories, sustaining local traditions in harmony with nature and transparency to our customers. We started our adventure with the colorful socks and successively developed by widening our offer with beanies, scarves, belts, and other unusual accessories. In 2021 we created a KABAK Home Collection where you can find cotton blankets, soy wax candles, bath towels and posters. The deep care for the quality of our products was possible thanks to the Polish manufacture and Kasia - our designer whose artistic soul made KABAK possible.
From the very beginning, the goal was to create an alternative for popular chains and offer something sustainable that doesn’t have a bad influence on the environment. That’s why all products at KABAK are 100% vegan. We constantly search for solutions, discovering the hope for a new future. Our brand introduced recycled materials and organic cotton to its collection and clearly set the goals around the idea of less waste and sustainability. Paper products that we use for labels are all made of crush or kraft - papers that need only organic waste or recycled materials to be created. The sustainable brand does not focus only on sustainable products. That’s why we take a step further and try to do something for our community wherever we are. KABAK team is a group of family and friends. We like to treat our customers like that as well. We integrate and cooperate on various surfaces. KABAK collections contain those made as a collaboration with local artists, charity, and animal recovery centers. The simplicity of the KABAK products makes them universal and right for everyone. Whether you love bright colors or stick to minimalism, socks, beanies and other KABAK collections fit absolutely every outfit and personality. That makes them a perfect idea for a gift. For those who need something more personal, we offer customized orders. Wholesale E: wholesale@kabak.com.pl Photo credit: KABAK