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At Laurent Vergne, we believe every man deserves to step out at his best. Every day. Our high quality clothing inspired by the iconic aesthetics of French design brings you luxury and style, at an affordable price. Established in 2020, we are here to bring you accessible, classic designs interpreted for the modern man’s lifestyle – for work, travel and play. Each piece is thoughtfully created for all seasons comfort and effortless style. Exquisite tailoring with exclusive finishing touches breath Laurent’s personal motto, “whatever you do, do it well”.
Our launch collection of blazers combines the powerful elegance of the great cultural centers of France with stunning contemporary design. Luxurious weaves, subtle hues and stunning clean lines come together to create timeless style. Ready to transform, inspire and amaze? So are we. Once you’ve felt the power of wearing Laurent Vergne, you’ll never look back. Photo credit: Laurent Vergne