Loreak Mendian

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Loreak Mendian is a textile brand founded in 1995 in San Sebastián. Over the years the creative team has grown and matured to design more careful and contemporary pieces, inspired by the environment but with a global vision. With a vocation to dress the world with functional and timeless garments. We believe in a transparent and honest design, in the face of artifice and the ephemerality of trends.
The proposal is based on an unprejudiced look at fashion, from a need for fun and enjoyment, but emphasizing the usefulness and quality of the pieces, bringing the masculine and feminine worlds closer together, and revisiting the classics to reinterpret them in a sporting way, from a very current and contemporary perspective. Loreak Mendian rests on three pillars: landscape, know-how and art. The landscape represents the starting point from which the world is contemplated. Surrounded by mountains, stone and the Atlantic Sea, far from the big city and the tumult. This allows the freedom to experiment from a distance, to enjoy different rhythms and a spontaneity that is applied directly to the collections. When it comes to know-how, it talks about the way in which the processes of making and making the pieces are understood. We want to make use of the best materials worked carefully and paying special attention to the construction details of the garments. Quality raw materials and transparency are also a fundamental part of what Loreak Mendian is, an expression of its creativity. The brand is steeped in the culture that surrounds it, the spirit of the moment. They like to be exposed to new experiences and never stop being amazed by new music, cinema, graphic design or any type of artistic expression. This inspires and motivates his designs, always in a just balance between aesthetics and functionality, his contemporary character and his timeless spirit. Wholesale P: +34 943 712 034 F: +34 943 797 592 E: info@loreakmendian.com Photo credit: Loreak Mendian