MARA MAY The Netherlands
Mara May exudes the attention for craftsmanship with eye for detail in high quality materials. A style that expresses simplicity and harmony, always with grace and elegance. Mara May is always searching for the highest quality, 100% natural, hypoallergenic fibers. Cotton is the most used material, not only 100% cotton but often in blends with hypoallergenic fibers like silk, cashmere, viscose and linen. Due to new technology these yarns have a similar look and feel as wool but are definitely cooler, more breathable, comfortable and less itchy.
Wholesale THE NETHERLANDS Marielle Ehren-Verhulst P: +31 651 366 162 E: FRANCE Jean Louis Macé P: +33 614 821 829 E: BELGIUM Hubert van Schaijik P: +31 613 122 603 E: Photo credit: MARA MAY