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Marlies Dekkers (Elisabeth Maria Johanna Dekkers, Oosterhout, 29 november 1965) is a famous Dutch lingerie designer. She has achieved international success with her lingerie designs. As the pioneer of the trend 'innerwear as outerwear' Marlies Dekkers has proven her versatility without a doubt. Her designs are seen nationally and internationally as trendsetting, innovative and pioneering. Marlies Dekkers has changed the world of lingerie for good with her inspiring designs and personal philosophy. All her designs are inspired by her own vision on life, and she wants to give women more self confidence.
For the spring|summer ’22 collection, marlies|dekkers returns to the womb of Mother Earth to honor all her marvelous creations and celebrate the miracle of life. Mother Earth made first herself in the manifestation as a formidable Greek goddess - literally becoming the first self-made woman! - after which she birthed the earth and all its wild beauty. The ultimate source of raw, maternal power was worshipping in caves and by springs where her life-giving water burst forth like milk from breasts or menstrual blood. The Greeks called her Gaia: the one we are born from and fed by and the one we return to when we die. The original Big Mama. Marlies designed for this spring|summer a couture collection, style collection, and swimwear collection. She had an eye for detail for every piece, which you can find back in every collection. With a theme as Mother Earth and the current time we live in, we find it essential to look at more sustainable ways to produce our collection. We printed, for instance, our Couture collection digitally, which saves water, and used recycled polyamide fabric for this collection. Digital textile printing saves 40-50 liters of water per meter, making the Gaia collection a treat for both your curves and your conscience! For the lingerie collection, it’s all about the details. You will find unique details in every collection, from our in-house designed ornaments to the woven statements on the straps and bindings. Our signature statement straps can be found the collections and are loved since the first time Marlies used these in her collections. Our spring|summer’22 swimwear collection is one of our most extensive swim collections of all time. With more shapes for every body type. Marlies redesigned her best-selling collections for this season: Cache Coeur, Panthera, and Star Coral. Most collections will have a high waist brief, and we see that this shape is very popular for women on the beach and makes women feel comfortable; just like in our lingerie collection, we looked at more sustainable ways to produce this collection. Where possible, our production team created it most sustainably, from recycled yarn to digital printing. Wholesale E: Marketing & PR E: Photo credit: Marlies Dekkers