Mayerline Belgium
Dare to feel perfect! Mayerline is a Belgian fashion brand for worldly women. It reaches out to elegant women with a rich life experience. Mayerline makes its mark with its signature approach of translating fashion in a stylish and feminine collection (rather than hyping trends). Mayerline is renowned for its high-quality, superb fitting, comfortable clothing and its keen eye for detail. With a legacy spanning 60 years, Mayerline has a master vision on how to combine great quality with a perfect fit, bringing comfort and class to lively ladies whether or not they can boast the clothing size they dream of.
Our brands: Mayerline Mayerline is created for stylish ladies who enjoy life. They’ve enjoyed the good times, they’ve seen themselves through lesser times, they have grown along that path into the confident and at ease women that they are now. Their life experience is an integral part of their beauty. A Mayerline woman knows who she is and where she stands, what she represents and what she has achieved throughout her life. Her true beauty comes from within and while she shares that inner beauty gracefully and warmly with her surroundings, she does strive to reflect that grace in her outward appearance in a stylish, classy way. Améline Améline is designed for women who live at the centre of life itself – literally. They source their energy from their daily, often professional, activities. They have a great outlook on what is coming. An Améline woman is not afraid to be her genuine self, being bright and lively, and dressing accordingly. What you see is what you get: a woman full of confidence – confidence that makes her beautiful no matter what life throws at her. Contact wholesale T: +32 470 500 614 E: Photo credit: MayerlineWe strive for sustainable development with a healthy long-term return, with a win-win for all our stakeholders and partners.