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We make original, organic, simply good basics. Our origin is the authentic way of making unique fabrics on 100-year-old original loopwheelers in Germany. We make garments for all, who appreciate reliable products to feel calm and peace every day. We believe that good timeless products can endure decades and will bring people joy and ease for a long time. We connect the good of the past with the demands of the present while acting responsibly for a good future. Merz b. Schwanen – the good basic.
Wholesale contact information: Merz b. Schwanen Rosenthaler Str. 34/35 10178 Berlin - Germany Fon +49 30 44318998-0 Robert Gauck - Head of Sales fon +49 30 44318998-11 cell +49 170 9100171 Photo credit: Courtesy of Merz b. Schwanen