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Mesure is the Amsterdam-based fashion brand creating made-to-measure womenswear. Every item is designed to fit your size and style, to make you feel and radiate confidence. They are items that celebrate and compliment femininity. Ultimately to empower smart, strong and independent women all over the world. Building a culture that salutes women for being assertive, persuasive, determined and great leaders. A culture where a woman gets attention for what she has to say and for the story she creates.
Born out of necessity, Mesure is a counteraction to the fast-fashion model which currently dominates the industry causing overconsumption and overproduction. Mesure wants to be part of the solution by replacing excess with quality, fast with slow fashion and conformity with individuality. Re-introducing the wearer to the way clothes are supposed to be made, empowering considered choices and encouraging them to cherish a piece of clothing for a longer period of time. Changing the industry one garment at a time. Photo credit: Mesure